amazon-eve-worlds-tallest-model-happy-to-wrestle-men-videoAmazon Eve, reportedly the world’s tallest model, who has acquired a new hobby since the last time we checked in with her: wrestling men. For $400 (£260) an hour! Not a bad gig.

According to Telegraph reports, Amazon Eve, who is from Turlock in California and stands at 6 feet 9 inches, is a full-time model and actress. But she will wrestle when asked.

She said: “My fans love me to pick them up and carry them. It’s a form of domination because I am actually physically bigger than my fans. My standard clients are 5’8″ or shorter, professional and are well educated. It’s more popular in Asia and Europe as in the US it’s kind of frowned upon. It’s a bit of a stigma of shame, for the men not to always be stronger, superior, taller than a woman.”

Eve is 31 and completely dwarfs all other models. She originally gave up on an acting career after producers in Los Angeles kept casting her as a monster or alien. Now she is hoping for major movie roles. “I’d be a great movie villain – the bad girl – I could do a role like Jaws in one of the old James Bond films.”

Eve has to hunt around to find size 14 high-heel shoes and large clothes to fit her giant frame. She said: “I make everybody look short, but when I’m alone, I look like a regular girl. I’m proportionate. It’s only when I stand next to somebody that it looks unusual.”

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